Herefordshire Means Business’ mission is to connect and support local businesses. We do this through networking events, training courses and connecting companies to the right people. Herefordshire Means Business covers all the areas to help you grow and take your business to the next level.

Why choose Herefordshire Means Business?

Trusted – Herefordshire Means Business is a trusted organisation with a team committed to helping Herefordshire businesses.

Cost-effective – With our networking events we are able to offer you extensive access to local businesses in the county at very competitive rates.

Well connected – We are the information hub for Herefordshire businesses who feed us information as well as turning to us for advice, recommendations and connections to the right people.

Work with Herefordshire Means Business and you will benefit from:

• Networking – We give you the opportunity to connect with hundreds of local businesses in Herefordshire under one roof.

• Regular Exposure – Advertising in the Herefordshire Means Business event programmes gives you regular exposure to local businesses.

• Building Relationships – Attending Herefordshire Means Businesses events enables you to build and maintain new relationships.

• Enhanced Branding – The reputation of your company will be enhanced as your company is directly associated with a product enjoyed and valued by the Herefordshire business community.


To find out how to Become a sponsor for any of our up coming events, please get in touch.